Wake up! It’s Food ‘o’ Clock: Route to Top Food Bloggers

Written by Snigdha Banerjee

June 21, 2019

Food is obviously a need to survive in the long run but some people treat it as the medicine to cure hormonal cravings sometimes, loneliness, produce fun out of it and worship it like a goddess to pleasure. Hunger can be of any food or cuisine but Hunger can also be for ‘slobber-worthy’ food as well. When talking in terms of food, the days are gone when the magazine was the only source to discover somewhat okay[ish] recipes but now, food is all over Instagram.

Have you ever tried opening a food channel’s IGTV video? It feels like heaven, To any Foodie!!

Moreover, Food in itself has spun a large web of the network over Instagram alone which practically has become an alternative to Zomato in terms of finding out the best places to experiment and give the food lover inside you a taste of the new combination of spices, cream, vegetables or loaves of bread together.

Meanwhile also giving the restaurant owners, café’s an idea about what kind of food place the public is preferring and what are the food items to be introduced in their menu.

In the near future, food will be the next popular thing after fashion and social campaigns on Instagram. All thanks to the top food bloggers. Every time you visit a new place, the one most important thing goes on in the back of your mind is what to eat good over here?

Food Bloggers have influenced the people in the outside world to have fun virtually of places and variation in foodstuff.

While scrolling through the discover page on Instagram, it will very much be discernible that there is whole new level of community of food bloggers, also helping out the newly launched cafés and restaurants to publicize themselves in the vision of their preferred group of audience through the influence of food bloggers with a good number of followers.

But what is worth, very few bloggers have been able to create an impression and have been able to hypnotize a large number of active and in-active audience through food remain-

  Himanshu Sehgal @myyellowplate

Himanshu Sahgal. My Yellow Plate


If you are a Delhite, food cravings are a must to you and in that situation, a major number of food bloggers have come out from Delhi to explore the world of food and give the taste of it to the public globally.

When talking in terms of food influencers, Himanshu Sehgal has been one among them from Delhi whose Instagram bio specifically mentions,



quit 9-5 job to eat on My Yellow Plate

– Himanshu Sahgal

This yellow plate he carries all around the world to explore various kinds of food and primarily has become his USP. He posts pictures on his yellow plate to collocate against classy restaurants, heritage buildings, and nostalgic neighborhoods. 

This computer engineer fellow left his job with a fortune-500 company and decided to follow his passion and love for food and the culture attached to it.

His pictures and the narratives behind the restaurant, dhabas and thelawalas are the basic reason he has a huge fan following on Instagram where he advised and recommends people where all to try food in Delhi, not only classy café’s and restaurants but also small vendors in places like Chandni Chowk and also now expanding his roots to foreign countries as well.

Jamie Oliver@jamieoliver

Jamie Oliver, Famous ChefJamie Oliver is a UK based English chef who started his career as a pastry chef in Antonio Carluccio’s Neal Street Restaurant and is now a very popular chef being broadcasted on many TV shows, as in The Naked Chef, Jamie’s 30-minutes Meal.

He is only food blogger with the highest number of followers of about 7.2 Million on Instagram with trying on simple but very many exotic dishes.

His cookbooks are also a candy to an eye and people willing to try for new dishes must follow him right away on Instagram. He very recently to honour the newly born son of Prince Harry and Meghan made a very sweet gesture, metaphorically and literally which is very much visible on Instagram.

Nicole Cogan @nobreadfam 

Nicole Cogan, NobreadfamThis New York-based food blogger used to work with J.P Morgan where she discovered that she is very much allergic to gluten and started a blog with the name nobreadfam.com.

She creates gluten-free food herself and discovers all the restaurants which provide gluten-free food in their menu which would help other people as well who are allergic to gluten foods and help her bring clients to that particular restaurants.

Her blog has helped many people and has equally had an influence on the choice of restaurants people should experiment with later.

Ronak Rajani @mumbaifoodie

Ronak Rajani, Mumbai Foodie

Ronak Rajani is a Mumbai based food blogger who has almost folded the whole taste of Mumbai foods into his palms. When travelling to Mumbai, it’s almost imperative to go through his food blog and Instagram account @mumbaifoodie which brings in together the mouthwatering flavours of Mumbai streets and famous restaurants.

Apart from that he explores traveling and puts it on his blogs which has generated him much of followers on Instagram and the high quality and presentation of food looks absolutely mesmerizing.




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Located in Worli Village, @slinkandbardot has been giving us some gastronomical goals set by Canadian restaurateur @harrison_nickles and French chef @gielbaum . French cuisine can be tricky, you may or may not know the effort that goes into the technique of cooking, but Slink and Bardot simplifies the food for us in those small plates. We had many such small plates and each plate gave us more insights about the delicate french food that can be matched with cocktails divided into “Light and Fruity” and “Dark & Broody”. 👏 Perfect for date nights, @slinkandbardot with its luxurious and classy settings, on their new menu you can expect small plates like lamb ragout and gluten-free pappardelle, lobster & swiss chard roulade, belgian pork belly, and assamese rice paella. We would go back for Vino cocktails and pork belly! 🐽 We have two words for Slink and Bardot – classy and effortless. #MumbaiFoodie #SlinkandBardot #Worli

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