Top Food Bloggers to follow right away!! From Dubai

Written by Snigdha Banerjee

June 17, 2019

best food Bloggers from DubaiFood ensures that art is not only in written form, but art could also be beautifully curated with amazing flavors, spices and the taste of firey smoke. Exploring all around the world, various food bloggers who savor audiences with finger licking food items curated in their blogs and Instagram Profiles.

Dubai is mostly known to serve Finger-smacking Biryanis which are best in the world. But to explore more, it has now almost started to produce foodies who are doing an excellent job in influencing their audience to explore more mouth-watering dishes all around the world. These absolute world-class food bloggers are curating their magic of food over their Instagram Profiles andFood blogs. Some of them are combined together below –



Karen Mcclean (@SecretSquirrelfood)

She quotes in her blog that, 

Creative mind, photographer and the sneaky chef behind the secret squirrel

Karen Mcclean

She is a very famous Food blogger with owning a food blog of her own, named Secret Squirrel Food. She basically belongs from Melbourne, Australia but lives and owns a blog in Dubai.

Sally Prosser (@mycustardpie)


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Most of the produce and ingredients widely available are made to be easily shipped, last longer, consistent and inexpensive. This often comes at the price of taste. Then you bite into something that’s been made or grown with flavour as the most important thing and it’s like stepping into a different universe. ⠀ .⠀ For this picnic, beside the first vineyard in the Barossa planted by the founder of @Jacobscreek & @ourtableuae , we feasted on oozing cheeses, figs that dripped juice, handmade loaves and, of course, good wine. ⠀ .⠀ Then I flew to Melbourne, staying with @thehedonista , who opened my eyes to the city’s vibrant and eclectic food scene. She bought some butter, handmade from raw milk. We spread it on crusty bread or carved off slices and ate it like cheese. It took me back to childhood and a different world of flavour.⠀ .⠀ And I’m hopeful this will happen again as I board a plane right now to France for a week visiting small butter makers in the Loire and Brittany. Cold and rain is forecast but they’ll be sunshine in pats of soft, creamy saltiness. ⠀ .⠀ What is your favourite thing to put butter on? Or your memory of tasting something as though it was the first time. I’d love to know. ⠀ #frenchbutter #cheeselover

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She writes on her blog,

a keen eater… of GOOD food…. and for me that’s about using the best, freshest, tastiest ingredients cooked from scratch.

  – Sally Posser

Namrata & Nancy (@shesaidshesaid_dxb)


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This holiday has been 10 years in the making! 🇮🇪 We’ve dreamt of visiting Ireland ever since we watched P.S I love you & Once. Somehow, life happened and it’s taken us this long to do a trip together, just the both of us. ☘️ Arrived here yesterday and it’s been amazing! Namrata is the terrible tourist whereas Nancy loves to plan and tick things off the list. ☀️ So far, so good! We’ve been blessed with sweater weather, lots of sunshine (though some rain wouldn’t be such a bad thing!) We’ve been driving around, walking the city, but also sitting in quirky little cafes, checking out book stores, and eating our weight in sausage rolls! 👯‍♀️ Join our little adventure on Insta stories👆🏽 #shesaiddxbtravels . . . . . . . #VisitGalway #quaystreet #roadtrip #littlestoriesofmylife #reddoors #eattheworld #huffpostgram #traveldiaries #travelgram #ladiesgoneglobal #femmetravel #igersireland #instatravel #culinarytravel #travelstoke #dametraveler

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This is a food and travel blog by two friends in combination, Namrata & Nancy. They post pictures and posts about food and travelling around the world and mostly they write on their blog –

We’ll be telling you about all the places we love to eat at in Dubai (the city that is currently home), and around the world.

   – Nancy & Namrata

Dalia (@daliaskitchen)

Born in London, Brought-up in Paris and Now living in Dubai, Dalia is a famous Syrian-German food author, a presenter, and entrepreneur making her name in the world of culinary and food in Middle-East. She writes in her blog,

As long as I can remember my life has revolved around food. Growing up in Paris I was spoiled with the best the culinary world had to offer, and then came home to my mother’s loving Middle Eastern cookery. When I moved to New York I encountered even more enticing and mouthwatering dishes, and today I live in Dubai, an exciting melting pot of cultures and cuisines. Throughout my life food has not just been food, it has been the one constant, the one thing that connects both my worlds, the East and the West.


     – Dalia

Abdulla Al Shaikh (@Abdulla_eats)

Abdulla is basically an Emirate Food Blogger who reaches out to many International and Local food places exploring flavors of Dubai and International flavors as well. His Instagram is evident of all the mouth-watering delicacies and cuisines. 

I live in a Frying Pan (@fryingpanadventures)


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Getting our saffron scoop on cause summer is coming ☀️🔥 👻 This icy bowl of Persian saffron ice cream with rosewater 🌹 noodles is how we cool down on our Middle Eastern food trail 💦🍧And since we’re always screaming for more 🍦, this favourite is going to hit tastebuds on our soon-to-launch Summer Food Tour on Wheels. 🚌 Details on our website, stay tuned 🤟🏼 . . Special thanks to Mr Reza at @sadafrestaurantuae on Maktoum Road for one of the city’s best saffron ice creams 🙌 #icecreams #saffron #bastani #summertour #dubaisummer #visitdubai #visituae #deliciousdubai #thingstodoindubai #dubaiexpats #foodwalk #foodtour #dubaitour #dubaitourism #dubaifood #dubaiairport #olddubai #locals #localguides #foodhunter #eeeats #foodiefeature

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Ahmed, who is born and brought up in Dubai, left for New York. Returning after Nine years, she realized of exploring her place and the various International foods it is offering to its visitors. And reinvented a Blog named

  – Frying Pan Adventures

MOONEH LLC (@dimasharifonline)


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There is an Arabic saying that goes: “even the onion you jammed!” Meaning you have not left a thing that you haven’t done!! because in the mind the onion is not jam material!!! 🤭 well at MOONEH LLC, we have not left anything not done and even the onion we jammed!!! When the local organic produce is so gorgeous, we celebrate it in all ways and forms (look at those onions in my story today). This beautiful DS Onion Marmalade can turn any sandwich into a gourmet treat, and any cheeseboard into a palate’s dream.. really it is such complex flavour and such amazing treat to your palate you and your guests are just going to love it.. give it a try and order through our online store ( link in bio too and see how amazing it is (will post more ideas about how to use very soon) 🤩🤩🤩 في مثل بالعربي بقول “حتى البصل وسويتوه مربى”!!! يعني الا هاي!!! والله احنا بمونة حتى البصل ربيناه 🤓 يعني لما أتكون الخضرة المحلية العضوية بهالجودة اكيد رح نحتفل فيها وانسويها بكل الطرق… ما رح اتصدقوا قديش طيب، مع السندويشات شو ما كان نوعها بتصير للذواقة… او مع أنواع الجبن المختلفة ورح احطلكم كمان طرق لتقديم مربى البصل تاعنا لتشوفوا قديش مو معقول 🤩🤩🤩 فيكم تشتروا عالاونلاين ستور تاعنا 👆🏼 يلا جربوا وشوفوا

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She quotes on her Blog,

A Dubai-based Food Artisan & Author of multi-award-winning cookbook ‘Plated Heirlooms’, Founder & Managing Partner of Mooneh Foodstuff Supply Services LLC. 

Dima Sharif

Rupal Bhatikar (@rupalbhatikar)

Rupal Bhatikar Quotes in her Blog,

From Goa, now in Melbourne, Australia after 9 years in Dubai, UAE. A passionate home-cook with a curiosity for cuisines, cultures, exploring the world and documenting delicious food & travel adventures. Lover of cookbooks, coffees, seafood & spices. Lives to cook, eat well & explore often.

       –  Rupal Bhatikar, Foodie & Fabulous

These are some of the most famous and trending food bloggers from Dubai who will give you a mesmerizing experience into their world of Food.












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