A substantial increase in travelling in 2018 was projected by a survey conducted by The GO Group. 33% said they planned on travelling more in the upcoming year vs. 21% in 2016. Lower airfares have helped, but they’re not the only factor contributing to the rise in vacations. If bargain airfare isn’t the biggest reason, what is?

A recent study discovered that 70% of Millennials notice social posts or reviews from family members and friends to be most impactful. Millennials are also the most tech-savvy generation so far, spending more time examining online social media than any previous generation. These elements are a large part of the reason influencer marketing is growing so quickly.

Meanwhile, the priorities of Millennials & Gen Z are different than those of their forerunners. While baby boomers prioritized major purchases like homes and cars, Millennials tend to spend money on experiences, opting to try ziplining, surfing, or exploring a new country over a luxury vehicle.

Millennials love to travel, and they are willing to splurge on it, making them the most lucrative generation for the travel industry. Travel influencer marketing has only fueled the fire. Any company can get brand awareness and higher conversion rate with the right influencer marketing plan.