The technology sector, for both businesses and consumers, is probably more energetic than it ever has been. It seems that every day, new tech products, varying from apps and software to electronics and gadgets, are unveiled or published, making the industry wonderfully unpredictable.

However, all of this noise does pose the question of how you are supposed to compete in a highly saturated market.
As a tech business, you know the importance of looking several years into the future to stay ahead of the game. The same approach can pay returns when you apply it to your marketing efforts. For this reason, we have often discarded traditional, overly “safe” marketing techniques.

Tech companies are constantly using influencers with large social media audiences, and they are more than just PR for the brand. The influencer marketing has long since changed from a face in the commercial to the keeper of knowledge, showing consumers the best brands and the most innovative technologies in the influencer’s wheelhouse of expertise.
Creating a great tech product is hard. Spreading the word about it can be even harder. Micro-Influencer marketing can help you reach your promotional goals and hit your customer reach out of the park.

Word of mouth marketing is and always has been one of the most powerful driving factors in the tech industry. Micro-influencers take it to the next level. Spread awareness for your product and produce a social network effect.

Our agency has powers in both influencer marketing and social strategy, and we have leveraged this expertise for a broad range of forward-thinking and disruptive tech names. We change the game because they do.