Social media has covered the way for influencers to take over the fitness world. Influencers bring a relatable approach to fitness and wellbeing and form significant relationships with their audiences by building societies. Being fit doesn’t only mean exercise; it translates to having an overall well- being of the body

Gymshark, the UK’s fastest-growing fitness brand, grew the company to a £100m business in just six years by using fitness influencers to promote brand awareness. Fitness influencers have shattered the notion that fitness is only for the athletes and bodybuilders of the world; they’ve made fitness attainable for everyone.
While influencer marketing is now a household term for any marketer, there has been a notable shift in recent years. This very wave has inspired millions of people to get committed to the traditional and modern forms of fitness and is here to stay.

Thanks to those users, there are over 180 million users of #fitness on Instagram. You can’t scroll through your feed without seeing at least one fitness-related post. Instagram is the “happy place” for fitness professionals because it allows you to leverage influencers (i.e. athletes, trainers) to grow your audience. Fitness influencers are no longer just continuing their healthy lifestyles and management to inspire their followers. They are leading the new trends in the fitness industry.