The fashion industry has been one of the areas that best promoted the influencers when all this vortex generated. Several years later, it stays being one of the corners that major budget allocates to influencer marketing and one of the sectors with more experience in terms of managing campaigns.

According to a recent study, the brands from the fashion industry have reinforced, throughout 2016, their knowledge and expertise in influencer marketing campaigns.

The 65% of the fashion and retail brands invested part of their budget to influencer marketing, 3% more than the respondents from other industries.

In other words, Influencer marketing and fashion, are an inseparable couple
Brands also claim to have achieved greater visibility (84% of respondents). 74% affirm that influencer actions were effective in increasing sales.

The marketing campaigns with fashion influencers have increased and now its no longer worth it to just offer them an attire or money in exchange for a publication. Today, what conquers an influencer is a good experience, something fun that adds value to the brand and of course to their community. Any company can get brand awareness and higher conversion rate with the right influencer marketing plan.

Content Creators

Ashima Makhija

Nitibha Kaul

Emmy Agarma

Dr.Tejaswini Manogna

Pipabella Campaign

An Indian jewelry company, PipaBella wanted to promote its new jewelry collection. As expected, they decided to work with influencers that specialized in fashion and lifestyle.

We partnered up with one of India’s biggest fashion and lifestyle influencer @Ashima Makhija which has created 5 pieces of content. Moreover, they also shared around 50 stories on Instagram during the campaign.

The content resulted from this campaign was able to generate roughly 50,000 direct engagements and over 500,000 impressions. Overall, the campaign had reached around 1.5 million people across Instagram and Facebook and Youtube.