Extreme Sports

Talking about mainstream sports in which athletes represent their countries are widely popular on social media. Almost all of you reading this article know about Virat Kohli but, few may know about Malli Mastan Babu. Malli Mastan Babu (3 September 1974 – 24 March 2015) was an Indian mountaineer. He is best known for his 2006 world record creating feat of climbing each continent’s highest peak (popularly called seven summits) in the shortest period at that point – a total of 172 days with the first grade on January 19, 2006, and the seventh on July 10, 2006.

Cricket is always in the media in India, be it television or social media. But adventure sports like mountaineering not so much. Extreme sports athletes can make good use of social media to market themselves, it will not only benefit them but also the young adventurers whose ideas may be dismissed as wild and irresponsible by their friends and family.

The best point about these influencers is that they excel and have a lot of knowledge about their sport and the products that they use, this builds a lot of trust amongst the social media followers. They are always equipped with the latest clothing, gadgets, and food items which always builds a curiosity, that results in customer attraction towards that brand.

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