To many people, gaming is just something that kids do on their gaming console, phone, or computer in their leisure time. Indeed, many people over 50, mention computer gaming and they still, think of the original Space Invaders. If Baby Boomers come across the term “eSports,” they probably think you’ve made a typo.

The gaming industry is rapidly managing the handheld technology entertainment business sector and shows no sign of slowing down. These statistics make a compelling argument for why your brand should invest in eSports influencer marketing in 2020.
Global revenue for mobile games will reach USD 68.5 billion by the end of 2019.
One game alone this year has caused panic amongst unsuspecting parents, resulting in multiple “doom and gloom”-type media articles. The incredibly popular Fortnite may not be violent or sexually explicit, but it sure has captured the imagination of gamers worldwide.

In many ways, the debate over Fortnite’s addictive capacity is an excellent example of the Streisand Effect – the publicity has made the game even more popular.

In the meantime, gamers have remained to play the games they love, often in competitive eSports tournaments. Surely, marketing agencies have discovered the success of the industry. Some traditional agencies have made a point of pitching to brands targeting the gaming industry. In other cases, marketers who already understand gaming have set up professional gaming and eSports agencies.
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