Over the past few years, the growth of stand-up comedy in India has been extraordinary. From having a highly limited comedy scene that was often registered to the half-hearted reality shows on television that employed the same stream of jokes over and over again India now has an evolving comedy scene that includes an entire industry.

People are now getting far more serious about it.
especially now that they are realizing there are money and fame in comedy. Big entertainers are making lakhs off one gig and are getting opportunities to become Youtube Stars and movie actors through it and all of this has impacted the way this landscape has evolved.

Brands across categories are partnering with YouTube comedy influencers to engage with young consumers, who spend a lot of time watching videos. For the record, the average time spent by Indians watching videos online has jumped to 52 minutes a day in 2018 from a mere 2 minutes in 2012, says a recent study. This has given rise to a new set of digital influencers, who are changing the way brands interact with consumers online.

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